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In the spring of '07 I graduated from MIT. I was both happy and excited about said graduation for about a month or two and then I missed it. IHTFP=I had truly found paradise. At graduation I already had a husband. That was kind of weird, but certainly cool. In order to stay with MIT I got a job in a lab there. These days I'm doing research on pancreatic cancer. Simultaneously, I am preparing for the GREs and thinking about how this applying to graduate school will go. I really only need to get into one school, but as with undergrad applications, I feel like they'll all reject me. My family consists of my parents and two sister, both of whom are much older than I. They both are married and each have two sons. Rikante graduated from Dartmouth med school lives in Wellesley MA with her huband Kestutis and sons Auris and Indrius. Zara has been living in Missouri for a few years now with her husband Alex and her sons Joshua and Nathan.
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